a car parked in a parking lot: Now this is a Supra we can get behind. © HGK Racing Now this is a Supra we can get behind.

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Latvian-based tuner HGK Racing revealed today its newest drift car project: a 1015-horsepower Supra with a carbon kevlar body and a 2JZ engine under the hood.


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The car, dubbed the Supra Eurofighter, is about the coolest custom Mk 5 Supra we've seen so far. In addition to the funky widebody kit, the suspension has been totally revamped for drift duty with new pieces to create an entirely new drift-ready stance. The cabin has been totally stripped out and equipped with a full roll cage, a single bucket seat, and a carbon-fiber dashboard. There's also a new steering wheel, a digital dashboard, a brake-biasing system, and a massive handbrake for pulling off miles-long slides.

Unlike most new Supras, the engine isn't from BMW>>>P. Powering the Eurofighter is a good old-fashioned Toyota-sourced 2JZ. It's been given a slew of upgrades and turbocharged to 1015 horsepower at the crank, or 826 horsepower at the wheels. It sends power to the rear wheels via a Samsonas sequential transmission.

The radiator has been relocated to the trunk area to avoid it being damaged in case of a shunt up front. To help get air passing through it, the rear window has been partially cut out. The rest of the windows have been replaced with a Lexan-type material to save weight.

If you're itching to build a carbon-bodied Supra of your own, HGK has already begun to list parts on its website for sale. We expect to start seeing the original build rip through events in Europe starting this year.

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